-We are guided by our core values and strive to translate these into our hiring of staff.

-We value a wide range of professional experiences, from direct community experience to formal education. 

Minimum Age Requirements

The SCH will normally hire only individuals who are age 18 or older.   Exceptions may be made for temporary summer help and for participants in cooperative education or other special youth-hiring programs.  Exceptions may also be made in the case of individuals nearing their 18th birthday who are seeking regular, full-time employment.  Oregon regulates the employment of minors under age 18 and imposes even greater restrictions for those under age 16. Consultation with the Building Director is required when considering employment of minors.

*Part-time specialty instructors

The success of the Sellwood Community House depends on the quality of programs that we provide to the community.  We are always looking for part-time instructors who want to share their creativity and expertise.  Whether you are proficient in art, dance, music, sports, social activities, bridge, yoga, piano, or any other recreational activity that may pique the interest of participants, why not share your talents?

We serve all ages, from preschool through senior citizens.  We offer one-time activities as well as ongoing classes that may meet once or twice a week for several weeks.  Our program is flexible for instructors.  Give us your ideas for a class you would like to share. Our teachers may work as volunteers, or as paid instructors.

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