Big update!! Sellwood Community House is happening!!

Friends of Sellwood Community House had a very productive meeting with PPR today.  PPR and FSCH have agreed upon the terms of the lease agreement for Sellwood Community Center and PPR is drafting the lease this week. It will need to go through their legal review before coming back to us for review and discussion, but we’re told it’s a standard lease agreement with the terms we’ve agreed to, so we do not expect any negative surprises or roadblocks in the process. This is FABULOUS NEWS!

They’ve also agreed to email current families in the preschool and after-school programs with a message telling them how to reach out to us for fall registration. So—if you are a “returning family” please keep a close eye on your email Inbox for the next several days. We don’t know when they’ll send the email, but it will contain the long-awaited REGISTRATION INFORMATION in the email.

As we all know, the timeline is super tight, so we’re not able to provide a long window for registration. Please stay in close contact. We’ll follow a similar system as PPR has done with returning families getting to register first. We will open up registration for new families shortly afterward. New family registration will also be on a short timeline, with a lottery for spots after the registration period ends.


We’re still super busy finding the right candidates for positions that are going to be vacated by current PPR staff. If you’re interested or know someone who’d be a great fit, check out our jobs postings on


We cannot thank the hundreds of volunteers enough for coming together on this pie-in-the-Sky dream project. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but unbelievably it seems like it’s actually coming together!

More updates to come soon. And again, keep a close eye on your emails!

Thanks for your support!